Help, Support, Advice with Workplace Issues

Inappropriate behavior, misconduct and conflicts can arise in any working environment. They themselves are no indicators of the health of an organization. What matters is what we make of them. We encourage all employees to address such challenging issues and we commit to offer support in finding sustainable solutions.

Depending on whether it is a conflict with a colleague or a superior, whether you want to file a concern about (scientific) misconduct or report a grievance, or whether you need advice on a personal situation, ISTA provides appropriate contact and reporting points.

The buttons below shall help to choose the right contact and reporting point.

Report misconduct

Do you want to report an alleged misconduct, i.e. under the Austrian Whistleblower Protection Act?

Research misconduct

Do you need advice on dealing with research misconduct or want to report an issue?

Counselling and mental health

Are you looking for a listening ear or for confidential advice on an issue? Do you want help with a mental health concern?

Conflicts and conflict prevention

Do you want advice on how to try to avoid a conflict? Do you require support in dealing with a conflict?

Harassment, bullying and discrimination

Do you feel discriminated against because of your gender, ethnicity, religion or belief, sexual orientation, age or disability? Are you feeling harassed/bullied or know someone who is feeling harassed/bullied?

Gender-based violence and sexual harassment

Have you experienced or observed sexualized harassment or violence?

More contact points

Current ISTA PhD students can find information on further contact points here.